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Disneyland Paris is a resort the place you may expertise the literal highs and lows of rollercoaster rides and the place you'll be able to get pleasure from a vacation in comfortable lodging - it is usually where the vast array of Disney characters come alive.

The place is ideal for family vacations because it affords that ultimate mix of kids's entertainment and amenities that can be enjoyed by their mums and dads.


You should have loads of accommodation options to choose from should you go for a Eurodisney holiday.

Staying on the resort itself is a perfect method of ensuring you see all the required sights - there's so much to see and do that it might be difficult to fit all of it right into a day trip.

4-star resorts on the vacationer attraction embody Disneyland Resort and Disney's Hotel New York, when you can reside in three-star residences at Newport Bay Golden Forest Club and Sequoia Lodge.

Hotel Cheyenne, Lodge Santa Fe and the Davy Crockett Ranch are the 2-star lodges offered by the resort.

Let me entertain you

Prime rides on the Eurodisney theme park include Area Mountain: Mission 2, Massive Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.

Rock band Aerosmith additionally give their title to the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, which always proves standard with visitors.

Whether you're searching for simulator rides or child-friendly attractions, the resort has both of them in abundance.

Children will love the Dumbo Flying Elephant journey and be amazed by Alice's Curious Labyrinth.

Adults are positive to be entertained by the various shows that take place throughout the week. Some involve magicians displaying their tricks, others host amazing stunts, while there are also conventional circus performances to sit down back and enjoy.

There's also a wide selection of locations to dine at Eurodisney, so you'll by no means go hungry. You possibly can pick up meals at stalls throughout the resort, or you'll be able to sit down and enjoy food from a variety of international locations at a host of eating places such as the Blockbuster Cafe and the Agrabah Cafe.

Be part of the fun

Positioned in the jap Parisian suburb of Marne le-Vallee, the resort is just a brief drive from the airports of Paris, which is ideal for those arriving from elsewhere in Europe.

Millions of visitors have flocked to see the delights of Disneyland Paris since it first opened in 1992, so why do not you book a trip to see what you could have been missing?




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